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Can pornography be feminist?

We can continue believing the stereotype that says women don’t watch porn and that they are only victims of it, but the truth is that one in three women watch pornography[1], thousands of women participate in creating porn (being actresses or even producing their own videos at home even if they are amateur) and some…
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Sexual Fantasies – Gran Via Radio

Radio Show ´Sinceramente´ at Gran Via Radio, Barcelona   Radio show hosted by Meche Barragán, talking about common sexual fantasies, sexual response cycle in men and women, erogenous zones, details about sex, deconstructing myths and so much more! Click to go to the Instagram Live of the recording.
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Does couples therapy help us live longer?

Does improving relationship well-being improve our health?   Esther Perel affirms that, before, couples used to have a role of companionship, of status, of family and of economic support. People used to live more in community and, therefore, shared their attention among different people and places. Although it used to be like that, now with…
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The diary of a bisexual

A brave young woman was willing to share some of her thoughts and experiences being a bisexual. It's incredible how many things everyone goes through but may not be perceived on the outside. So for the sake of educating people, but also possibly helping those who may be in a similar position, here are a…
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