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Does couples therapy help us live longer?

Does improving relationship well-being improve our health?   Esther Perel affirms that, before, couples used to have a role of companionship, of status, of family and of economic support. People used to live more in community and, therefore, shared their attention among different people and places. Although it used to be like that, now with…
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The diary of a bisexual

A brave young woman was willing to share some of her thoughts and experiences being a bisexual. It's incredible how many things everyone goes through but may not be perceived on the outside. So for the sake of educating people, but also possibly helping those who may be in a similar position, here are a…
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How my life changed after I learned more about sexuality

Why it’s important to be more educated on sexuality   Well you see, with the education (and by that I mean lack of) that we got back then, no emphasis was ever put on the woman’s body, what to stimulate, how to stimulate…and absolutely no education was given on how to feel Pleasure! So, for…
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Female Sexuality Workshops (Ongoing)

Female Sexuality Workshops - Erotic Development (For Women Only)   How much do we know about our sexuality? Sexuality is one of the basic pillars of human kind. Biologically, it’s the drive to reproduce and keep the species alive. This truly shows how important it is. However, reproduction is not sexuality’s sole purpose of existence.…
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