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Mindfulness, female sexuality, and psychotherapy for adults, to grow emotional intelligence, leadership & improve performance.

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Female Sexuality Workshop

Female Sexuality Workshop - Erotic Development Barcelona Edition It is my strong belief and personal mission to educate people on what sexuality is really about. To enrich people with the words to explain themselves, to really get to know their sexuality and embrace it, as it is one of the most wonderful, human, and truly…
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Mindfulness course

Mindfulness course in English / 4-week online program   As we have introduced before in social media and previous blog posts, mindfulness is an opportunity for a better life, to focus on the present and face the daily experiences being more aware of what is happening in our surroundings.  This millenary practice with origins in Buddhism…
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4-week MBSR Course

4-week Mindfulness Course!   From my experience so far, I have found that a lot of people resist doing the 8-week course or often don´t finish it, because it is a commitment that may last longer than others. Nowadays, we are so busy with so many things that we don´t always dedicate time to what…
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