Female Sexuality Workshop

Female Sexuality Workshop - Erotic Development

Barcelona Edition

It is my strong belief and personal mission to educate people on what sexuality is really about. To enrich people with the words to explain themselves, to really get to know their sexuality and embrace it, as it is one of the most wonderful, human, and truly amazing experiences.

I have prepared a few workshops, starting from the basics and moving up, focusing on women's erotic development, from my perspective as a therapist. Before we reach pleasure, we have to first get to know ourselves better and heal from past experiences.

The main objectives of my workshops are to give women the opportunity for self-discovery, awareness, choice, and pleasure!

How much do we know about our sexuality?

Sexuality is one of the basic pillars of humankind. Biologically, it’s the drive to reproduce and keep the species alive. This truly shows how important it is.

However, reproduction is not sexuality’s sole purpose of existence. Numerous studies have shown how our sexuality is directly related to our mental well-being, to our physical health, confidence, good mood, and, of course, pleasure!

From my experience, as a psychotherapist, couples, and sex therapist, I can say people who are more satisfied with their sex life feel happier and are more motivated to reach their goals in every aspect of their lives.

We are sometimes taught about the risks of sex, illnesses, and possible psychological consequences that can come from it. Crucial information for sure.

We receive no education on how to get pleasure from sex though. No information on how to enjoy the beautiful parts of it, of ourselves and our bodies. This is especially the case with women. Women’s sexuality has been repressed for years. Women have been objectified and their needs and desires belittled.

There’s definitely been significant improvement but it has still led to long-term consequences of many women not feeling like their sexuality is important, like it’s equally worthy. Therefore, many women don’t explore their bodies or their sexuality; they don’ get to discover the potential that their body and their mind have.

Benefits of the female sexuality workshop - Erotic Development in Barcelona

  • Sexuality is a big part of health and well-being
  • Receiving correct sex education
  • Helps boost your self-confidence and assertiveness
  • Improves your relationship with your body
  • Increases sexual pleasure
  • Reduces self-criticism
  • Promotes open-mindedness in respect to oneself and others
  • Positive effect on your intimate relationships
  • It is an empowering and exciting topic to learn more about
  • Sense of responsibility and positive attitude towards one's sexual self
  • Creates a general sense of happiness and satisfaction

Female sexuality course: In-person OR Online Editions English OR Spanish Editions

The first female sexuality workshop Barcelona edition will take place:

Date: Saturday, May 21st /10:30-14:00

Address: Yoga studio Barcelona / Plaza de la Universidad 4, 1-2.

Investment: Workshop 1: 80€ / Workshops 1 & 2 - 140€

Contact info@lovemindtherapy.com for reservations


Limited Spaces Available!

It is time to prioritise your sexual well-being

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