Penetration when wearing a menstrual cup

Menstrual cup: Is it possible to have penetration when wearing a cup?

Menstrual cups have become very popular in the last few years, not only because they bring many benefits in terms of sustainability and economy, but for the comfort that this small thing represents for many women. 

Before giving my opinion on a subject as specific as this, I have to clarify that I am not a gynecologist and I speak from my experience as a woman and user of the menstrual cup, and as a sex therapist.

First of all, I have to say that I started using menstrual cups almost three years ago. I now find many benefits compared to other ways of taking care of myself when on my period. You pollute less since one cup can last between 5-10 years (depending on the cup), you save money, considering the investment is long term and you don’t have to spend on tampons or pads. Last but not least: COMFORT.  

The menstrual cup is the most comfortable option in my opinion. Yes, you have to empty your cup every so often, but the material

is softer and feels more flexible inside of your vagina than any other of the methods, that you don’t even realise that it's there.  

The menstrual cup and sex, trying the Beppy Cup 

Although I am a frequent user of cups, I had never tried a cup created to allow intercourse before. Normally, traditional cups allow you to have sexual relations (such as oral sex) but not penetrative. That is why I was curious about the Beppy Cup. This reusable silicone cup, which has been recently launched in the Spanish market, is a great alternative for those who want to feel free to have sex without worrying about bloodstains.

Let's see some tips for having sex during your period and some considerations about the menstrual cup, explained by Alejandra Murcia from Beppy Cup.

Is it easy to insert the menstrual cup?

It is not difficult at all. I never had issues inserting a menstrual cup. However, I have to mention that a friend told me she had some issues the first time she tried placing her cup.

What I would suggest is to consider the size of your vaginal canal. There are different sizes available on the market depending on your anatomy and needs.

Will my partner feel the menstrual cup?

In my case, I had good feedback from my partner. We almost didn’t feel it was there. At the very first second, he felt it, probably until the cup got into place and that was it. 

Will any blood spill?

If you use it on one of your heavy flow days, some blood might spill after you finish intercourse and the penis or dildo comes out. It's controlled and easy to clean, however. On a light day of your period, it's most likely that no blood will spill.

Does using a menstrual cup make sex painful?

In the beginning, we were a bit concerned whether the cup was going to press on my cervix or if this could hurt any of us. However, it was not painful at all at any moment of the penetration. It wasn’t uncomfortable for me or for him. However, if you have any special conditions or questions about the use of the cup I would suggest asking Beppy Cup for some advice. 

If you feel like you don’t feel too confident about having sex with a cup remember there are many options to enjoy your sexuality these days, including free bleeding and, most importantly, knowing you don’t have to have sex when on your period if you don’t want to. Have a look at the blog post for having Sex during your period. 

If you consider it necessary to talk about other matters of your sexual life in a professional manner, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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