4-week MBSR Course (October, 2019)

4-week Mindfulness Course!


From my experience so far, I have found that a lot of people resist doing the 8-week course or often don´t finish it, because it is a commitment that may last longer than others.
Nowadays, we are so busy with so many things that we don´t always dedicate time to what is more meaningful, or healthy. It´s often what we choose to substitute with daily chores and endless responsibilities!

SO...I have decided that instead of not doing this course at all, it´s better to do it in less time!
This is still a complete course, just more compact!

Mindfulness is a way of living, by paying more attention to our experiences. This attention is directed towards our thoughts, emotions and body sensations, thus increasing awareness, acceptance and compassion. As a result, we learn how to better manage difficult experiences, be more concentrated, energetic, have more self-confidence and feel more relaxed in our everyday life.

It is a journey of self-knowledge. You will learn to be more attentive, to your surroundings as well as to yourself – your thoughts, your emotions, your whole body. It is another way of living, where, through knowledge and meditation, you learn to better manage stress, pain or sadness and therefore increase your wellbeing.


The topics to be explored during the course are:

Week 1: Shifting out of autopilot / Another way of knowing

Week 2: Back to the present / Raising awareness

Week 3: Recognising aversion / Welcome emotions

Week 4: Compassion & Self-compassion / Now what?


Mindfulness is worth it. It´s a change of lifestyle, it´s not just a course you can do and forget about it after a few days or weeks.
It´s obviously your choice whether you put it into practice for the rest of your life, but I make sure to give the tools to do so!


Benefits of taking this course:

✨ Learn more about what is going on in your body; your emotions and thoughts.
✨ Get to know yourself better
✨  Learn to manage your stress levels
✨  Get in touch with your mind and body
✨  Be present
✨  Enjoy your experience in the present
✨  Learn to better accept the difficult feelings and experiences
✨  Be more aware
✨  Take care of yourself
✨  Increase your life satisfaction!


Limited spaces available!

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