Female Sexuality Workshop

Exploring Female Sexuality


What do we know about sexuality?

What do we know about female sexuality?




Well, apparently not a lot. Most people these days do not know much about the topic. Why?

Because nobody taught them! Because nobody talks about it! Because it´s ´WRONG´ to talk about it. Specific words are associated to the term sexuality, especially female sexuality. Do any of them come to mind?

How about: Wrong, Dirty, Slut, Whore, Low class, Sin, Forbidden, and a BIG etc.

We could not be any closer to the worst direction! We are so far from the truth, we can´t even perceive it anymore. We believe that we are living in a more modern world, more open world…The truth is sexuality was a lot more open and accepted many years ago in comparison to today.

It´s also a lot easier to criticise women. Even women are critical of other women. Whether it´s on their appearance, intelligence, general abilities, work skills etc. Women often find themselves with a low self-esteem, sometimes depending on men for financial support, not allowed or, even worse, believing they shouldn´t have a sexuality of their own, and just generally lacking in many areas in life for no reason that could ever be justified.

It is my strong belief and moral to educate people on what sexuality is really about. To ALLOW everyone to live it, to know it, as it is one of the most wonderful, human and truly amazing experiences.


¨Knowledge is the life of the mind¨

  • Abu Bakr

Female Sexuality Workshop 2

In this workshop we will cover the following topics:

  • What is sexuality?
  • Labels attached to it
  • Beliefs
  • History and evolution of beauty
  • Education on intimacy
  • Self-exploration
  • Fantasies
  • Changing our perspective
  • New objectives

¨Human behaviour flows from three main sources: desire, emotion and knowledge¨

  • Plato

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By: Daphne Christofides

Contact: daphnepsicosexologa@gmail.com , +34 658 89 70 50

Limited spaces available!

Daphne Christofides

Photography: Rebecca Pericleous

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