New Year’s Resolutions: Your Own List of Gifts to Santa

Your Own Santa´s Gift List

Once again, here we are at the end of the year. Let us reflect a little bit on this year; what happened, what we´ve accomplished, what we´ve learned, the great things that have happened to us and the not so great things. It´s all part of it. Even from the toughest of situations, good things come out of them. They´re the ones that teach us the most!

After reflecting on this year, and taking a minute, or two, to absorb it all, we can focus on what is now in the past and what is yet to come. On the doors that have closed, which only means that new ones will open. Let´s thank those experiences for everything they have given us, and be proud of ourselves for having gone through them and for having completed them. And so, we can now leave them in 2019, and focus on the new adventures we want for 2020. New beginnings and new resolutions to set and keep!

How do we set our New Year’s Resolutions?


By being kids again! We never have to stop having a childlike side to us. We never have to stop wanting things, so Let´s play!

So, you will make a list of gifts for ¨Santa¨! Your own list.

Steps to follow:

  1. Write a list of ¨gifts¨ on a piece of paper
  2. Keep this paper somewhere you can see it everyday
  3. Work towards it and allow yourself to receive!

Let´s talk a little bit more about the details to see how we can make our New Year´s resolutions happen...

This list of gifts I am referring to, is more about meaningful gifts you´d like to have. Not so much material things, but deeper, more complicated gifts! Just to give you an idea, this could involve things like better communication and understanding with someone in your life, a successful outcome at work, inner tranquillity in your everyday life, more fun moments etc.

BE SPECIFIC! As much as you can, try to include the specifics of this wish. What it looks like, how would you know you have it, and more importantly, how can you get it.

Although this list is ¨for Santa¨, you won´t send it to him. You will keep it in your house, in a special place, somewhere you can see it everyday. This is because, although we want Santa to work his Magic, our list will be motivation for us to remember what we want, what we asked for this year, and so what WE can do to get it.

There is a saying in Greek which says ¨συν αθηνά και χείρα κίνει¨, which more or less means ¨The universe helps those who help themselves¨. This is to say that we are still responsible for our lives, we cannot expect everything to be done for us. Whether you believe in magic, whether you are spiritual and believe in a higher power that listens to your prayers, YOU are still the one running your life. Do not take this incredible power away from you. You can make choices to help yourself achieve these gifts you truly want. When you help yourself, the universe helps you too. Work together.

Finally, the last step is for you to now accept these gifts. Embrace them. Know that you deserve them. You have worked for them too, and you deserve to have them, so allow yourself to receive these beautiful gifts you asked for!

Love your gifts and love yourself.

Really feel how they make you feel when you finally receive them.

It´s a priceless feeling.

Pay attention to it and feel its warm effect inside your body.

You made it happen!

Merry Christmas everyone, and may you have a Beautiful New Year, full of gifts, love and joy!


Daphne Christofides

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