SPICE IT UP! (May, 2018)


Couple’s Workshop

Long-term relationships are challenging. They are a commitment that needs work. It’s a shift from worrying about one to worrying about two. A change from doing whatever you like to do things you both like. It’s about making compromises that both partners are happy with.

Despite these compromises, there is a lot to gain from a loving relationship.

You have a partner who is there to support you, love you, make you laugh, keep you company, teach you things, be intimate with you etc., whilst you mutually do the same for them. It’s comforting, secure and fun!

However, when you are in a relationship for a long time, life stressors always happen and can often affect the couple:

  • Long working hours
  • Adult Responsibilities
  • Children
  • Taking care of family members
  • Economic issues
  • Difficult relationships (e.g. with boss, colleagues, friends, family etc.)

All of these can cause shifts in the relationship that can sometimes make the couple grow apart. Consequently, the couple’s sexual life grows apart too. This is a very important part of the relationship.

First of all, it is a basic human need. Sex has so many benefits in our everyday life, more than you can imagine!

According to WebMD and MedicalNewsToday sex:

  1. Improves the immune system – Sex once or twice a week increases an antibody called immunoglobulin, which protects the body against germs, viruses and other intruders.
  2. Is good for the heart – Regular sexual intercourse decreases the risk of heart disease by 45%
  3. Boosts your libido – Having sex makes you want more sex!
  4. Strengthens the pelvic floor muscles – This improves bladder control, helps during birth, keeps the vagina strong and healthy
  5. Lowers blood pressure – Practicing sex regularly reduces the risk of high blood pressure which can lead to a heart attack, stroke or erectile dysfunction
  6. Relieves pain – Endorphins released during sex are natural painkillers and specifically reduce head pain, migraines and period cramps!
  7. Reduces the risk of prostate cancer – Frequent ejaculation may allow the prostate gland to clear out carcinogens, and materials that may orchestrate the development of carcinogens
  8. Improves sleep – Oxytocin, also known as the "cuddle hormone," facilitates closeness and bonding, and it is secreted during sex and orgasm in both men and women. After orgasm, it is thought that the effect of oxytocin, combined with the release of the hormone prolactin (which is linked to the feeling of satiety and relaxation), makes you feel sleepy.
  9. Relieves stress – Studies have shown that physical and emotional intimacy in couples is associated with reduced stress levels
  10. Boosts brain power – Memory has been proved to improve in women who have regular penetrative sex. Thinking about love has also shown to improve analytical and critical thinking as well as creativity
  11. Increases life span – a 10-year study showed a 50% reduced risk of death in men who had frequent orgasms, and other studies also showed a longer life span in women who reported enjoyment of sex
  12. Boosts self-esteem – Sex (safe sex) improves emotional wellness!

In the recent years, more and more people are actually having a lot less sex.

And as you can see, the benefits of a healthy sexual life are numerous!

Not to mention the obvious positive effect it has on the relationship. It makes you happier. This is not just something people say; Dopamine is released which is a hormone that makes us feel good!

SO…I’ve put together this workshop in order to help couples who have lost their sexual drive on the way, have been more distant sexually, and just want to SPICE THINGS UP a little!!

IMPORTANT: This workshop is NOT the same as couple’s therapy. If a couple is not doing well in many aspects, it is difficult to reconnect through sex first. Sexual intimacy can only come when the couple is at a good place with one another. They may have become more distant, but the relationship is still standing, it just needs a good push to stand upright!

SPICE IT UP! couples course sexuality


What NOT to expect from this workshop:

  • Nobody is taking any clothes off (You can relax now!)
  • No sexual acts of any sort will occur during the workshop
  • You will not be asked to share private information
  • You will not have to do anything you don’t want to do

What to expect from this workshop:

  • General related education
  • Speaking openly and honestly between you and your partner
  • Sharing some information about how you met (no kinky details unless you want to!)
  • Using your imagination in some of your conversations

BENEFITS of doing this workshop:

  • You have a safe space to express yourself
  • You are given the opportunity to speak to your partner about what may be a sensitive topic whilst having a guide present in case you need them
  • You get to know your partner a little bit better
  • You may even get to know yourself a little better
  • You reconnect with your partner in a fun and healthy way
  • You are not alone working on this
  • You develop your communication skills
  • You develop your imagination
  • You bring back, improved, what was once there
  • You improve your sex life
  • You improve your life satisfaction and wellbeing

Course details:

Date: Saturday May 25th

Time: 10:00 – 14:00

What to bring: Pen, paper and an open mind!

Price: €80 per couple

Limited spaces!

Multicultural couples and LGBTQI couples welcome!

The course will be mainly in English, but I can easily translate in Spanish or Catalan. You will have a lot of conversations between you so you can speak in the language you prefer!


Do you have kids?

Wondering where to leave them whilst you take this course?

Bring them along!!

My colleague Marina will be running a workshop for kids, so you don’t have to worry about where to leave them AND they will learn a lot too!

Here’s some information about her course:

Marina Moraes - Child and Family Therapist


A space where your child will learn about emotions through play and interaction with peers, thus having the opportunity to promote their emotional development, from a creative, fun, innovative and unique experience!


Price: €40/child

We’ll be waiting for you!



Daphne Christofides

Art by Nymphainna

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