Does couples therapy help us live longer?

Does improving relationship well-being improve our health?   Esther Perel affirms that, before, couples used to have a role of companionship, of status, of family and of economic support. People used to live more in community and, therefore, shared their attention among different people and places. Although it used to be like that, now with…
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How my life changed after I learned more about sexuality

Why it’s important to be more educated on sexuality   Well you see, with the education (and by that I mean lack of) that we got back then, no emphasis was ever put on the woman’s body, what to stimulate, how to stimulate…and absolutely no education was given on how to feel Pleasure! So, for…
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Polyamory: Let´s Talk About it!

Polyamory: What is it, what it´s Not, and How it works Polyamory is becoming more and more common and therefore more accepted in society. Nowadays, some people may experiment with it and see how it goes, others feel it is their ideal way to have relationships, and others feel it´s not for them. All options…
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