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Self-esteem and female sexuality

Self-esteem counts in bed. It is well known that confidence is one of the most important game-changers in life. No matter what the situation is if you have a go-getter attitude you are bound to have better results (other's attitude towards you as well as your own feelings of fulfillment) than if you're feeling unsure…
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How to Manage Your Free Time During the Coronavirus Lockdown

Staying Sane During the Quarantine CORONAVIRUS. The second round of a global crisis. A lot of people are suffering; a lot of people are dying. This is a very sad moment for humanity. A very tough moment to experience. This pandemic crisis, is now forcing people to stay home in order to protect them, keep…
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Coronavirus Lockdown

Tips on How to Manage Working From Home During the Coronavirus Quarantine   A pandemic situation. Whole cities are on lockdown. Thousands of people are forced to leave work, and thousands of people are forced to work from home. If you´re not used to working from home, it can be very challenging to manage yourself,…
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