I like that you really create a completely safe space for me to express any feeling without judgement. I feel as if I am talking to a very wise, insightful, compassionate friend which makes me more willing to open up (vs a more formal, medical atmosphere).
Overall I'm SO happy with our sessions. I think my biggest takeaway so far is a feeling of empowerment that I get from our sessions- you help me understand the challenges of being an empath, how to set healthy boundaries, how to evolve my identity, and how to bring all of this to my relationships now and moving forward. It's funny how I originally came to you to talk about the issues I was having in my (then) relationship, but what I've gained from the sessions has turned out to be so much more than simply relationship advice. I love how you take a holistic approach to help me understand my whole identity, and where I belong.

D.P., 32,