Mindfulness course (April, 2021)

Mindfulness course in English / 4-week online program  

As we have introduced before in social media and previous blog posts, mindfulness is an opportunity for a better life, to focus on the present and face the daily experiences being more aware of what is happening in our surroundings. 

This millenary practice with origins in Buddhism and Hinduism is a great tool to increase our awareness, acceptance, and compassion with ourselves and others. 

As a consequence, we learn to manage our emotions better and not feel trapped by repetitive thoughts, thus feeling generally more calm. 

This April 2021 you can be part of a 4-week mindfulness course online, led by me, Daphne Christofides, founder of Love Mind Therapy. 


What is the Mindfulness Course - 4-week online program?

The program will explore topics such as: 

  • Shifting from living on autopilot to living consciously and deliberately

How many times did you feel like you were going through your life driven by life´s inertia? It’s the moment to stop sleepwalking and enjoying the opportunity of living.  

  • Another way of knowing – distributing our attention

What is the priority of your life and what are you paying attention to?

Priorities keep you motivated to progress towards your goals, but first, you have to be clear about what is important to you. 

  • Back to the present

Paying attention to what’s happening in this moment is what gives life better focus, and focusing on what we’re doing when we’re doing it brings us into the present.

  • Replacing avoidance with interest – exploring our thoughts

Avoiding or escaping from difficult thoughts and feelings, harms many aspects of your life, including your career, relationships, and personal life. 

  •  Allowing things to be as they are

Acceptance is the way to face daily problems. When you accept something for what it is, including your own limitations or the specific situation, it opens up the possibility to relax.

  • Compassion and self-compassion

Have you ever felt like your worst critic? 

Self-compassion means to stop judging yourself or others. It’s time to be kind and understanding of your own problems. People who increase the levels of self-compassion tend to be more motivated and more successful over time.

  • Planning a future, living mindfully

How to plan a successful future?

We can be daydreamers with real plans for our future by living mindfully. 

This mindfulness course is created to restore the balance of your life

Limited spaces. 

Date: Thursdays from 22-04-21 to 13-05-21

Time: 17:00h - 19:00h (Barcelona time)

Price: €140


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If you want to know more about Mindfulness, I invite you to have a look at this conversation with two colleagues about this practice:

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If you would like to know more about my experience in Mindfulness and psychotherapy, please feel free to check my About section. 

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