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Daphne Christofides 



Psychotherapist in Barcelona


Col·legi de Psicòlegs de Catalunya, Nº 27439 

Helping and supporting people has always come naturally to me, and I find it very rewarding. From a very young age, I knew that the area of Counseling and Mental Health was without a doubt the most appropriate field of study to dedicate myself professionally, seeing as it is the field that interests me the most.

In psychology, you never stop learning. Ever since I knew this was the path for me, I have never stopped training and keeping up with all the advances continuously occurring in psychotherapy.

Training and experience as a psychotherapist in Barcelona, and sexologist

I have attended various international schools, starting from Cyprus, my place of birth, followed by the UK and Canada.

I began my psychology training at the University of Reading in the UK, after which I began specialising in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy intervention during my Masters in Clinical Psychology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Wanting to further enrich my knowledge and specialisation I then finalised my second Masters in Couples Therapy and Sex Therapy at the University of Barcelona, on which my current way of working is based, integrating numerous types of therapy such as Systemic Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Constructivism, Emotion-Focused Therapy and Solution-Focused Brief Therapy.

I later added a Gestalt focus through some Sexuality training courses I completed, and so introducing bodywork accompanied by meditations in my line of work. I have been trained in a broad variety of topics concerning sexuality, both on a personal and a professional level, thus developing my abilities as a sexologist and sex coach.

Furthermore, I have studied specific relaxation techniques, focusing above all on Mindfulness. I conduct courses and group interventions on Mindfulness, such as the 8-week stress reduction course.

I have also developed a series of workshops on Female Sexuality, based on education and erotic development.

I have developed my experiential knowledge in diverse mental health environments all over Barcelona, both in the public and private sector.

Some of those include the Acute Department in Sant Joan de Deu hospital, treating Schizophrenia, Personality Disorders and Major Depression, the Adult Mental Health Centre in Collblanc, also focused on clinical therapy; and the Couples Therapy and Sex Therapy unit of the University of Barcelona.

Following my practicals, I worked as a self-employed collaborator in private psychotherapy centers, until i opened my own private practice in 2020 and have been seeing couples and individuals there ever since.

I work with people from all over the world, from over 45 countries, all types of different cultures, and intercultural couples.

I am also collaborating with the University of Barcelona as an internship supervisor, for the Masters on Sex therapy and Couples Therapy.

A little bit more of my experience as a psychotherapist in Barcelona and sex therapist


Keeping in mind the variety of therapies I have studied and practiced, along with the great number of people and cultures I have gotten to know, I feel very privileged to have experienced the unique world of each individual person; every time with a little more welcoming and open-minded stance.

I present myself to my clients with this exact attitude, feeling very grateful for the trust and security they confide in me and that I in return share with them.

Psychotherapist in Barcelona in English, Spanish, Catalan, and Greek

Thanks to my experiences in different countries, I currently offer therapy in English, Spanish, Catalan, and Greek, my mother tongue.

In my opinion, everyone can benefit from psychotherapy. We all go through difficult times in life and therapy can offer a different perspective and a different way to manage our life experiences.

This occurs in a safe, warm and non-judgemental environment, where we aim to increase awareness, to have a better understanding, to alleviate suffering, and thus live a more fulfilling and happy life.


  • Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (bodywork for Trauma) Level 1 - Emotional dyregulation, survival defenses & Traumatic Memories, Sensorimotor Psychotherpy Insititute, by Dr. Pat Odgen (2022)
  • Stretegic Intervention Specialist Course, Escuela Palo Bajo, Cetebreu, Catalunya (2021)
  • Mindfulsex Course - Intervention in Sexual Dysfunctions using Mindfulness Techniques, Quantum Barcelona (2021)
  • Psychological Treatment of Trauma in Psychotherapy Course, Centre Grat, Barcelona (2020)
  • Psychological Treatment of Grief in Psychotherapy Course, Centre Grat, Barcelona (2020)
  • Psychosexual Dysfunctions Specialist Course, The Essex Institute (2020)
  • Therapeutic Approach on Sexuality Course, by Albert Rams, Gestalt Barcelona (2018)
  • Art therapy Online Course, Divulgación Dinámica (2018)
  • Masters on Couples Therapy and Sex Therapy, University of Barcelona (2017)
  • Innovative Moments Coding System Training, University of Minho, Portugal (2017)
  • Mindfulness Course Online (2017)
  • Mindfulness Course, Barcelona (2016)
  • Female Orgasm Congress, Institute of Studies on Sexuality and Couples (2016)
  • Masters in Clinical Psychopathology in Adults, Autonomous University of Barcelona (2016)
  • Experiential Modules on Sexuality, Institut Integratiu (2015)
  • Counselling Skills Workshop, City University, London (2013)
  • BSc in Psychology, Study Abroad Programme, University of Ottawa, Canada (2011) 
  • BSc in Psychology, University of Reading, UK (2012)

Thanks to my training and journey as a psychotherapist in Barcelona, and sexologist, I have been able to guide many people in their therapeutic process. If you want to know some testimonials from my patients, consult the Testimonials section.

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