Sex during your period: as natural as it is pleasant

Sex during your period, as natural as it is pleasant

Having sex with menstruation is always a personal choice and is not mandatory. It is fine if you are one of those women who do not feel so comfortable having sex while bleeding.

However, according to studies, practicing it can increase the excitement and intensity of your orgasms. So perhaps you find these tips helpful to enjoy your sexuality also on those days. In the end, and like everything in life, having sex with your period also has its advantages.

I think that the main difficulty that many women find has arisen from the pile of ideas and prejudices around the period, which makes us feel uncomfortable in these circumstances, even to talk about it.

Sex during your period, leaving the taboo behind

I think that at some point we all went through the "shame" of telling our partner that we were “out of the game” for having the period. At least in youth, and maybe as a consequence of all the social stigma surrounding a process as natural as bleeding, we become inhibited.

I don't blame you, I felt it too, and we carry a whole ancestral mentality of contempt for the bleeding body.

Around menstruation, different cultures established negative beliefs where menstruation was related as something impure, as a disease, and it was even banned having sex during this phase of the cycle, according to some religions.

Sigmund Freud, for example, claimed that this taboo was a consequence of a human’s fear of blood. Other theories in the field of psychology went so far as to say that it describes reproductive envy that leads men to stigmatize menstruation and socially dominate women as psychological compensation for what men cannot biologically do: conceive.

The reason for this taboo is not yet clear, but today's times are different. Fortunately, women have managed to make issues such as talking about menstruation more natural (without changing its name or using euphemisms), and we have a lot of resources to make these days more comfortable, or most importantly: we have managed to empower ourselves of our sexuality, leaving behind these misogynistic beliefs that seek nothing more than to limit us.

As a sexologist, I can assure you that part of a full sexual life is to conceive the body openly, to accept and know the nature of our anatomy as it is, to explore what gives us pleasure, and to have complete autonomy from what we want. In this sense, menstruation is not just a normal process, it represents something as beautiful as our fertility, so why refuse to have an orgasm if we are menstruating?

Benefits of sex during your period

There are several reasons to allow sexual encounters during your bleeding days. Some of them are the relief that is generated when there is menstrual pain or cramps since there’s a link between orgasm and the reduction of pain.

It can also shorten menstruation. Uterine contractions during orgasms can reduce the time it takes for your uterine lining to shed.

On the other hand, having hormonal changes is very likely to increase your sexual desire, causing you to achieve greater arousal during the sexual encounter and that you have a greater sensitivity to sexual stimuli.

Of course, blood also works as a natural lubricant that makes your vagina moister and vaginal penetration easier.

If you do not want to stain or you want the blood not to be present. Fortunately, we have allied technology. You have the option of using a menstrual product suitable for intercourse such as menstrual discs, menstrual sponges, or the Beppy Cup, a menstrual cup that is suitable for having sex. You can check this FAQ page or contact them in case you want to better understand how to use it.



Beppy Cup, menstrual cup

Unless it makes you feel unsafe or causes you any discomfort, there is no reason to avoid sex on bleeding days, remember that as at any stage of your cycle, sex helps to release stress. Do not deprive yourself of its advantages!

In addition, since sometimes during the period we can feel sadder, angry, stressed, etc., what better resource than having sex to alleviate unpleasant emotions, feel pleasure and stay satisfied?

If you feel that there is some aspect of your sexuality that you can improve or that you want to comment professionally, feel free to contact me.


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