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Sex therapy might be the right solution for many individual and couples' problems. As a discipline, it is a type of psychotherapy that addresses concerns about sexual function, sexual emotions, sexuality, and intimacy.

¨Sexuality is not a leisure or part-time activity. It is a way of being.¨

-Alexander Lowen-

Human sexuality is a very broad concept that is often solely related to sex. Sexuality consists of various aspects including the biological, social, and psychological aspects. Biological sexuality is the most recognized one. It is that which relates to procreation and, consequently, to our genitals; the sexual organs par excellence.

However, the physical complexity of a sexual being goes a lot further than just the genital organs or the mere concept of sex as coitus. It is about perceiving the whole body as the totality of a sexual being, which is what we are from the moment we are born to the moment we die.

Sex Therapy what does it consist of?

Social sexuality consists of all cultural, religious, and political aspects. It is that which is considered adequate and accepted concerning sexuality in different cultures.

It is what we normally internalise from a very young age because it is what we were taught; and when we reach adulthood it sometimes causes us frustration along with an internal confusion seeing as what our culture expects from us and what we may desire, clash.

Society often has a very limited concept of what sexuality is, where it is actually:

“Sexuality is not what we believe it to be, it is not how they have told it to us. There is not just one, but many sexualities.”

-Albert Rams-

Consequently, we get to the psychological sexuality, where all our thoughts and emotions related to all the above and to our own desires, fantasies, and experiences come in. That which excites us, both physically and mentally, alongside the social norms and our view of them, they intertwine in our psyche.

You can make your relationship stronger

Therapy can be applied to individuals and couples. It is a matter of what you need and prefer. If you want to work on other aspects of your relationship you can read more about what we can do in the Couples Therapy section.

Sexuality has been and still is a big taboo since many years ago, therefore, in this day and age, there are a lot of false beliefs and myths about sexual matters. 

This lack of education causes people to easily follow what society says or what they hear from others, instead of having sufficient information about the topic in order to be able to make their own decisions with any possible consequences that accompany them.

When conflicts arise in the biological, social, and psychological aspects of sexuality, it is when sexual difficulties may appear. These difficulties include a variety of problems such as sexual dysfunctions, ignorance, and confusion in the general field of sexuality.

Sex therapy includes the intervention on sexual dysfunctions, which, most of the time, is due to a psychological cause, not a biological one.

Sex therapy can improve your sex life

A sex coach is a trained professional who helps people with sexual, intimacy and relationship issues.

The anxiety associated with sexual relations, the lack of abilities and knowledge about one's own sexual development or that of their partners, as well as the presence of false beliefs or inadequate sexual education, are factors that tend to be present in most sexual dysfunctions.

For that matter, one of the main objectives of sexual therapy and a sex coach is to educate people on any doubts, preoccupations, or difficulties they may be facing, related to sexuality, with the desired result of improving their erotic lifestyle.


Types of dysfunctions I work with

Sexual dysfunction can be defined as a difficulty that arises during any phase of the sexual act (desire, excitement, orgasm, resolution), which prohibits the individual or the couple to enjoy the sexual act.

  • Vaginismus – involuntary contractions of the muscles in the opening of the vagina that forbid the introduction of a penis, fingers, tampons or any other object due to intense pain. Even though the woman may have sexual desire, this situation involves the absence of various sexual acts
  • Dispareunia – a considerable pain that both men and women may experience in the pelvic area, during and/or after penetrative sex, which causes significant discomfort and finally a fear to engage in sexual relations
  • Anorgasmia – the inability or persistent difficulty to reach an orgasm after adequate sexual stimulation. It can appear in both men and women
  • Lack of or decrease in sexual desire – the absence or decrease in motivation and interest in sexual activities. It can appear in both sexes
  • Phobia or sexual aversion – an intense and irrational fear towards all or almost all sexual behaviours with a partner. It is a persistent attitude of discomfort, disgust, repulsion, dissatisfaction, and anxiety in the presence of any sexual conduct, and sometimes even in just the thought of it. It can appear in both men and women
  • Premature ejaculation – the inability or lack of voluntary control over one´s ejaculation, which consequently tends to result in a rapid ejaculation after minimal sexual stimulation
  • Delayed ejaculation – the inability to ejaculate despite feeling very sexually excited and having a healthy erection
  • Erectile dysfunction – difficulty in obtaining or maintaining an erection that would allow a satisfactory sexual interaction
  • Paraphilias – fantasies or atypical behaviours that are only a problem if they cause discomfort to the individual or to the people around him/her, and/or are the only way for them to get sexually aroused and reach an orgasm
  • Gender identity – when there is a conflict between the physical sex of a person and that with which he/she feels identified with. It is a problem only when it causes discomfort to oneself and their interpersonal relations

What do we do in sex therapy?

Just like in individual therapy, the therapeutic process begins with the problem evaluation and the collection of information. During this time we can formulate a hypothesis about the presenting problem and therefore establish the desired goal.

Furthermore, a therapeutic alliance is created, which makes the clients feel more comfortable and accepted in order to be able to express themselves more openly.

The process of intervention may consist of ¨re-education¨ on stereotypes or false beliefs that society sometimes wrongly teaches us. Afterward, if it is necessary, other vital aspects may be treated such as fears, worries, or low self-esteem among others, that may be reinforcing or maintaining the problem.

Finally, the sex coach intervention is completed with adequate techniques adjusted to each case, along with tools that are given in order to have a more fulfilled, healthy, and pleasurable sexual life.

Where can I find sex therapy in Barcelona?

It is important that your process is lead by a professional therapist. Please check my background in the section About Me.

If you need sex therapy or couples counselling in Barcelona, I am located in the city center, in case you are outside the city or anywhere in Europe, I work in online therapy as well. You can contact me anytime to get an appointment.

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