¨The act of revealing oneself fully to another and still being accepted may be the major vehicle of therapeutic help.¨

-Irvin D. Yalom-

Psychotherapy helps you understand yourself better. Explore where you came from, how that has shaped you into who you are today, and how you behave and, therefore, decide if you´d like to make any changes.

These changes are what will better equip you to feel more confident and more capable to face future challenges in life because they almost always come at some point or another.

The foundation of psychotherapy is working on self-development or self-growth. Together, we go a little deeper to really see what´s there, discover new things you didn´t know existed, and thus, before anything, understand why the problems you are facing are present, and most importantly, why you consider them a problem.

After that, we work together towards self-love and acceptance for the things you cannot or do not want to change, as well as finding ways and helpful tools for you have, in order to bring about desired changes.

This incredibly meaningful work in psychotherapy is directly linked to any issues you would bring to therapy to explore together.

What I most like to work with about psychotherapy

  • Self-development
  • Sexual discovery and understanding
  • Self-esteem
  • Anxiety & Stress
  • Life transitions
  • Relationships
  • Couples
  • Sexual dysfunctions

¨The purpose of psychology is to give us a completely different idea of the things we know best¨

-Paul Valery-

The Story Behind Love Mind Therapy's logo

Love Mind Therapy by Daphne Christofides

I would like to give you a brief history of what my logo means and why I chose it. It represents the heart chakra, otherwise known as ¨Anahata¨. It is the fourth out of seven chakras, located in the middle of the chest, in the heart region.

It is our healing center, the wellspring of love, warmth and compassion. The heart chakra is where deep bonds form with other beings. It´s the source of self-love, kindness, altruism, generosity, and respect. By living our lives with the energy from the heart, we inspire loving kindness and we create a safe environment, making others feel at peace.

There is no judgment, only unconditional acceptance

This is, for me, the ideal way to live. In harmony, at peace, filled with love. This is the kind of mentality I try to have with my clients; creating a secure and accepting environment for them, helping them to build it themselves through self-love and compassion for others.

To open to love is to reach to the deepest places and connect with our true essence, our spirit, and our soul.


What is the difference between a psychotherapist, a psychologist, and a psychiatrist?

It is very normal for patients to get confused in the distinction between the meaning of psychology and psychotherapy.


A psychotherapist is an umbrella term that is given to professionals who provide therapy for clients.

Depending on the degree and specialty of the psychotherapist, they can simultaneously be psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, or social workers. Therapists can work with individuals, couples, groups, or families, in my case I work with individuals and couples in psychotherapy in Barcelona.


Psychologists can specialize in a number of areas, such as clinical mental health, counseling, educational, applied, or occupational psychology, and very often dedicated to research investigation related to psychology.

In healthcare, psychologists specialize in clinical, counseling, forensic, or work in areas such as human resource departments, and health psychology. Psychologists are not medically qualified.

Clinical psychologists can work in hospitals, psychiatric units, local clinics, as well as schools, social services, and so on, offering therapy and treatment for mental health issues, ranging from more or less severe depending on their specific focus. 

The main difference between a counselling and a clinical psychologist tends to be the nature and intensity of problems, their duration, and the perspective of the therapy.


On the other hand, a psychiatrist is a doctor, and the only one allowed to prescribe medication such as antidepressants, anxiety, or antipsychotic drugs.

Because of this, psychiatrists usually tend to work in more severe cases of mental disorders. This discipline involves the study of the etiology, assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders alone or as they coexist with other medical or surgical disorders. 

In my case, I have studied psychology and I have a Masters in Clinical Psychopathology in Adults, and a Masters in Couples Therapy and Sex Therapy, among other training courses.

If you want to know more about my education, please visit the About section.

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